New wheels? Tips for arranging your car insurance

myPPSR Team|06/11/2017

Before you hit the road in your new car it’s important to fully insure your vehicle to make sure you are fully covered should you be in an accident or be injured while driving.

Insurance isn’t something to take lightly and can be easily arranged over the phone in a few minutes.

If you are trading in a new vehicle and purchasing a new one, or you are buying a car for the first time, make sure you arrange car insurance or at least a cover slip to ensure that if you are in an accident you do not have to cover the cost of any damage to your car or someone else’s car from your own pocket.

Things to consider when you are deciding on which car insurance to take up include:

What sort of insurance do you need?

Based on your type of car, you might require a unique car insurance policy. Not all insurers cover all cars so if you have a unique car, an imported car or a classic car you will need to ensure you are getting the right coverage.

You will also need to decide between third part insurance or comprehensive insurance, which have different prices based on a range of factors.

What features or support would you like from your insurer?

These days there are a wide range of insurers who vary in price based on the customer service and inclusions on the policies. You can ask around whom your family and friends insure their car through to get some recommendations and online reviews are also a great way to find out who ranks well with customer service as well.

What are the features and benefits of the policy?

Don’t rush the process of finding insurance, read through the fine print and make sure you are properly covered and you understand the policy.

Not all policies are created equally, so you will need to check for storm damage, hail, and even flood to ensure you have adequate coverage for where you live.

Can you select your own repairer?

This is an option offered through some insurers, which can be handy in the case that you want to ensure you can visit an independent insurer who can sign off all the repairs for you rather than a repairer who is selected by the insurer.

An independent repairer will also use genuine parts and will offer a genuine service that is focused on customer service, rather than a ‘churn and burn’ style that often insurance repairers often embrace due to time restrictions.

Do they offer a loyalty discount?

If you have insurance for other items in your life such as home insurance and health insurance, often you can be offered loyalty discounts and multiple policy discounts if you go with the same insurance provider. Ask your current insurance provider if they offer this option and get ongoing discounts towards your insurance.

Your insurance is your own choice, and your situation is unique to everyone else, so take the time to do your homework and ensure you are getting an insurance policy that meets your needs and budgets exactly.